An expert’s tips and advice for your watches

Your timepieces are precious, a meticulous maintenance is the guarantee of their durability.
The first act

The first act to preserve the mechanism of your watch is to avoid any shocks. While our watches are equipped with a shock absorption system, the mechanical movements remain delicate.

Care for bracelet on watches

In order to preserve the brilliance of your ceramic or metal watch bracelet, we advise you to carry out regular cleaning with soapy water and a soft bristle brush. For leather straps, the best way to maintain its durability is to avoid any contact with water, alcohol, cosmetics of any type or any greasy substances that may stain, deform or discolor it.

The opinion of our expert on leather bracelets
"Leather is a natural material, worked by craftsmen. In order to protect ourselves, we recommend that you avoid contact with water, alcohol, cosmetics or any other fat that can be masked, processed and discolored. In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun can alter its color and suppleness.”
The case of your watch

The case of your watch can be regularly cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

Maintenance of the mechanism

A frequent and complete examination is necessary every 4 to 5 years. The delay between two inspections is however dependent on parameters such as the type of movement, the frequency of use and the lifespan of the watch.

Opinion of our expert on waterproof watches:
“To preserve the condition of water-resistance of your watch, we advise you to avoid having your watch experience abrupt change in temperature, and therefore not to wear it in a sauna or steam room. After a day at the seaside, always rinse your watch in fresh water to remove any sand residue and to neutralize the damaging effect of sea water. Do keep in mind that the impermeability of the water-resistance of your watch should be checked every 2 years.”

In watchmaking, a watch’s water-resistance determines its resistance to water penetration. It is generally expressed in normal atmosphere (ATM). In order to avoid problems related to the water resistance of your watch, please follow our advice below.

Water resistance classifications:

  • 3 ATM : Resistant to occasional light splashes, moisture and dust. Under water immersion is impossible (e.g. doing dishes, shower…). Avoid contact with water.
  • 5 ATM : Resistant to occasional splashes, moisture and dust. Also withstands light accidental immersion (e.g. doing dishes, shower…). Avoid water immersion.
  • 10 ATM : Resistant to occasional splashes, moisture and dust. Also resistant to surface water activities (e.g. swimming, surfing …) and any contact with water. Avoid diving and snorkelling.

Avoid thermal shocks. They have a significant impact on watches, regardless of their ATM (e.g. shower, sauna, hammam ...).

Leather goods care

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Jewelry Care

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