of an artisanal

Since 1827, Mauboussin has been creating exceptional pieces of jewelry, dedicated to women who are passionate in unique designs of originality and sophistication.

As heirs of the know-how passed down through generations for almost 200 years now, we constantly remain relevant at the forefront by always exploring the best talents for the creation of our jewelry, the cut of our gems and the quality of our jewelry pieces.

Today, majority of our creations are designed, cut and crafted in France, to offer women the best of a great artistic and jewelry tradition.

The Story of a jewel

Each jewellery is born from the mind of its creator inspired by his muses, shapes and colors from nature and his desire to exalt women.

A jewel in the making

From a drawing to a maquette, from crimping to polishing… so many precision crafts are needed to create your jewel.